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  • Arrived all and eating like crazy, hope they like algae, many thanks
  • Arrived safely they are now very happy in our pond, very quick delivery, thanks
  • Lovely snails thank you. Now happily living our lovely little pond. 5* Ebayer
  • A next day delivery and the snails are already chomping my weed, many thanks !!
  • Arrived well packaged now happy in pond thanks
  • A little slow to get moving but soon perked up! Thanks would use again!
  • Very helpful. Posted on a day to suit me. A1

Pond Snails for Ponds and Aquariums
(Lymnaea Stagnalis)

Let Pond Snails Clean Your Pond!!

Great Pond Snails will be a real asset to your pond or cold water aquarium, as they will keep algae under control, eat other decaying matter and keep blanket weed down. No matter how severe your algae problem Lymnaea Stagnalis are a recognised ecologically safe way to control algae and rehabilitate your pool without chemicals. Great Pond Snails can live in and clean up pools that are too oxygen-poor for fish to survive. They are extremely hardy and can even cope if your pond freezes over during the UK winters! They breed approximately twice a year and can reach up to 60mm in length over a few years, depending on the size of your pond.

You will receive a mix of sizes of Lymnaea Stagnalis, carefully packed for travel.

To ensure safe arrival of your Great Pond Snails, deliveries will be posted only on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday by First Class mail. Orders received too late for posting on Wednesday will be posted on the following Monday.

We regret that we cannot accept any orders for delivery outside the UK Mainland.

Quantity Required
* Price includes postage and packaging to UK mainland destinations

Our snails breed naturally in a long-established and self-sustaining garden pond that has been colonised by newts, frogs, insect life and (of course) snails. There are no sheep or other livestock in the neighbourhood to transmit liver-fluke to the snails

Snails from Moonfern's pond have helped pond owners and fish-keepers all around Britain keep ponds and aquariums free from algae. Some of our snails have even been to University! (We have supplied snails for research into ecology and neurology to universities in Britain and Italy)

Lymnaea Stagnalis can reach ages of 6 or 7 years although not all will survive this long. Great Pond Snails supplied will nearly always be a mix of specimens in their first or second year.

Your Great Pond Snails need no special care or attention, but should be released into your pond or aquarium as soon as possible after receipt. They may appear dormant on arrival but will soon recover fully and begin cleaning up algae and organic debris.

Quantity Required
* Price includes postage and packaging to UK mainland destinations

We do not advise relying on Great Pond Snails if you keep koi, carp or other large fish that prey on molluscs and crustaceans as part of their diet, as they will simply treat your snails as a handy snack. For an alternative ecologically-sustainable algae treatment you should consider barley-straw logs

Barley-straw logs are also advised when you have severe algae problems as they help reduce the growth of fresh algae while your snails go about their task of cleaning up the algae on the pond walls, plants and surface. Using both together gives a great combination for getting on top of and staying on top of any algae problems, especially when your pond has blanket-weed or algae-covered walls and rocks